Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Solutions in Bergvliet

Whenever you need rats, mice, cockroaches, ants or any other pests controlled and eradicated, always think about how the service or the product is going to affect your family, pets and the environment of Bergvliet. As an environmentally conscious pest control company, we have a responsibility to care for the earth and the inhabitants of Cape Town. We are constantly on the lookout for safer, low environmental impact pest solutions and make use of Green Label pesticides wherever possible which are either insect-specific baits or odourless, low toxicity sprays. Want to know more about what pesticides we use and the meaning behind the warning labels? Click here to read more.

Secondary poisoning has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the owl population all over the world including Cape Town. We have to stop poisoning owls. Fewer owls mean more rats.

We are passionate about helping to save Cape Town’s diverse wildlife. With greater economic opportunities in cities, rapid urbanisation is a reality. The challenges of managing waste and the animals it attracts are rapidly mounting. Using poisons is quick but dirty from a wildlife perspective: the ultimate price will be paid by those animals at the top of the food chain, such as Genets, Cape Eagle Owls, Water Mongooses, and rarer ones such as Caracals, Otters, and Honey Badgers. The poisons can also make their way into the city’s streams, wetlands and estuaries eventually ending in our oceans. Read more on our wildlife under threat.

Before treatment of any kind, we do a thorough investigation. We look into how long the problem has been in existence, the environment in which the pests are being treated, where the pests are entering from, their main sites and of course prevention of any further infestations.

We provide cost-effective services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors throughout  Cape Town to solve common pest problems as safe and fast as possible.

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Help conserve Cape Town’s diverse wildlife. Reduce secondary poisoning – THINK BEFORE YOU POISON.

What Makes Us Different

With over 28 years of environmentally friendly pest control, we help take away the stress and concerns caused by an infestation of a variety of pests. Our rodent control service is uncomplicated and effective.
We are agents for various humane – live catch & release mouse traps and for electronic rat/mouse traps. They are easy to use and you never have to touch a dead rat or mouse. Simply empty dead rodent into the trash can.
We only use multi- feed formulations for controlling rats in cape town because they are safer for the environment and especially our owls. We also make use of poison free methods which include humane rat and mouse traps, electronic rat traps and live catch and release mouse traps.

What Are Clients Say

They got back to me and got the job. Mark is very attentive and hands on, always available,

Stephen Berry Avatar Stephen Berry

What fantastic service - cannot recommend Robert and Evan highly enough. Quick response time, super efficient, knowledgable and friendly. And they got the job done! Thank you so much!!

Colleen Meinesz Avatar Colleen Meinesz

Excellent and prompt service - the team went above and beyond to help us. We have now dealt with our Rat issue in a safe and humane way.
Thank you!

jo reidy Avatar jo reidy

We had a cockroach problem and they sorted it out. Even when we found two roaches a couple weeks after they sprayed, they quickly came again to touch up. It’s... read more

David Smith Avatar David Smith

Positive: Professionalism ,  Punctuality ,  Quality ,  Responsiveness ,  Value We had a cockroach problem and they sorted it out. Even when we found two... read more

David Smith Avatar David Smith

They were professional and a real pleasure to do business with. They did exactly what they said they were going to do, were on time and did not have to... read more

Andre Haupt Avatar Andre Haupt

Sorted out our problem instantly. Having two dogs, their eco-friendly range put me at ease! Great service from the team!Service: Cockroaches

Cameron Jenkins Avatar Cameron Jenkins

Positive: Professionalism ,  Punctuality ,  Quality ,  Responsiveness ,  Value

Noel Marten Avatar Noel Marten

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