Air Purifier – Repels Insects


When used with our Fragrance, the air is scrubbed clean from pollen, dust, microbes, pollutants and bad odours. This in turn repels insects, counteracts air pollution, assists with respiratory conditions, and leaves a fabulous aroma in the room.

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Our Air Purifier is a vaporizer, air sanitizer, humidifier, deodorizer, and air freshener unit in one, ideal for home living areas and medium-size offices. It uses 5 – 10ml of Fragrance Concentrate with 2 litres of water per application and covers an area of 75 – 100m² single volume ceiling height. Vapour containing essential oil-, fragrant oil- and water molecules are released with the clean air back into the room.

  • Eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungi
  • Moisturise and humidify the air in dry conditions
  • Increase atmospheric oxygen levels
  • Increase negative ions for relief from stress
  • Eliminate odours from food, pets and tobacco smoke, replacing them with a fabulous aroma

The water remaining in the bowl will gradually decrease and discolour over 24 to 48 hours of continuous use and should then be replaced.  The funnel should be removed and cleaned on the inside, once or twice a month to ensure optimum efficiency.

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