Goodnature® Rat Trap


The Goodnature® Rat Trap was designed in New Zealand to ensure that the local endangered wildlife flourishes free from introduced pests, such as rats. The traps are automatic, non-toxic, and deliver a quick kill, which is kinder for the pest.

Safe for both indoor and outdoor use.



The Goodnature® Rat Trap automatically kills 24 rats – one after the other, before you need to replace the gas canister. When the pest tries to reach the lure inside the trap, they brush past a trigger which fires a piston, killing them instantly. The piston retracts and resets ready for the next pest.

Trapping indoors?

If you’re trapping indoors, or need to move your trap around more easily, you can add a trap stand to your order. Super handy.

In the box:

1x A24 Automatic Multi Kill Trap
1x Automatic Lure Pump
2x CO2 gas canisters
1x Tree mount with screws
3x Rodent detector cards
1x Quick start guide

Dead Easy