One of the most difficult insects to eradicate

Ants can be one of the most irritating pests to have in the home because of the sheer numbers and the difficulty in controlling them. One ant colony can cover an area of over 30 square kilometres.

Outdoor ant treatments are challenging from an environmental impact perspective as ants share the garden with BIRDS, GECKOS, LIZARDS, PRAYING MANTIS, BEES, SPIDERS etc.

The use of natural Pyrethrin (Chrysanthemum oil) and Orange peel oil is our preferred option when treating garden nesting sites. The insects die quickly and the strong orange peel odour keeps other insects and lizards away for long enough until it is safe for them to visit the treated area without being poisoned (normally about 6 hours).

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The sheer number of ants can make them a difficult pest to control.

Hard surface areas like paving need to be treated with a pyrethroid spray that will give residual protection to prevent the ants from undermining the driveway or pathway. Our pyrethroid of choice has a low level of solvent, is odourless, has low dermal toxicity, and does not migrate into the underground water because it quickly attaches and bonds with soil particles.

Where possible, we also make use of ant-specific baiting granules that are placed in mini baiting stations. Ant-specific baiting syrup is also carefully used where non-target animals will not be affected.

The safety of children and pets is our priority when treating indoors. We make use of ant-specific baits, natural pyrethrin aerosol spray and low-toxicity pyrethroid.

Our ant control service is SAFE and CONVENIENT. NO UNPACKING & NO EVACUATION.

We are nature lovers, especially birds and we appeal to you to be extremely careful when selecting a service provider or pesticide. Always think of the impact on other animals when making your decision. Do not use dangerous poisons around your home if you care about Cape Town and the environment.

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