Nothing is more annoying

Besides the fact that flies carry life-threatening diseases, nothing is more annoying than a persistent fly buzzing around your face when you are trying to enjoy your favourite meal.

Flies play a very important role in nature in that they speed up the decomposition of rotting matter. If you are trying to find a rat that has died in your ceiling, just follow the flies.

When it comes to controlling flies, prevention is better than the cure.

For example, do not leave leftover meat and chicken in the refuse bin in your kitchen. Double wrap it in plastic and put it in the refuse bin outside.

Flies Pest Control
Not only are flies annoying, but they also pose a potential health risk.

Make sure that the bin is cleaned regularly and that it closes properly.

Pick up your doggy doo every day. Besides the bad smell, just think about where the fly sat before he came indoors and sat on your food. YUCK!

Close the windows when you are going to cook something that you know is going to attract flies.

Most times it is very difficult to control flies because of the environment outside. You might live near a farm or your neighbours have bad housekeeping and leave dirt and dog waste lying around.


We offer affordable options that are safe and effective. Our aerosol sprays contain Natural Pyrethrin made from the Chrysanthemum Daisy. These sprays can be used in a dispensing machine or they can be used by hand.

We are also agents for Bioway environment-friendly insecticide. It has Green Label status and can safely be used in the kitchen and other sensitive areas.

Want to learn more on what poison labels mean and how to choose low environmental impact poisons? Click here.

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